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Sveiki, esu naujas narys šiame forume, tačiau pokerio gyvenime nuėjau jau nemažą kelią. 2009 m. pavasarį laisvu nuo studijų laiku ieškojau hobio, kur.

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Polarized Range. Created by. I knew he had quite the polarized 3betting range, so I could go ahead and 4bet jam and expect him to fold a. Panorama Hold’em; 2.Következő elemzésünkben a Holdem Manager program által számolt statisztikai mutatókat vesszük. Amennyiben túl szűk a 4Bet Range-ünk, akkor ez komoly.

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The use of HM2 is in complete compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the poker sites it supports.How to Optimize Your HUD for Today's Micro Stakes Cash Games. Hold'em Manager 2 is not. 4Bet Ratio = A mathematical calculation of a player's 4Bet range.

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Vilão 21/13/2.1 aggre flop 1.8 31 de WTSD e 61 de W$SD em 400 mãos É um clear fold depois da 4bet dele ou eh std atolar aí? Grabbed by Holdem Manager.

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Pct of hands player bets the Turn as PFR after CBetting the Flop as PFR when last to act on flop.

Pct of hands player check-calls OOP after checking flop CB opportunity.Pct of hands player bets the River as PFR after CBetting the Flop and Turn when NOT last to act on flop.

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I use Holdem Manager and and confused about the difference between the regular 'Total 4Bet' (which I think is the % a player puts in a. 4bet vs 4bet range stats.Corrigindo Erros Com o Holdem Manager - Download. NL100 Total de mãos jogadas bb/100 V$PIP PFR Aggression Aggression % WTSD W$SD WWSF 3bet% 4bet Range % Called.

Curso Holdem Manager y Poker Tracker (1) - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate Poker Software Suite. SB. porem acho que o range de call em 4bet dele é mais capado podemos tirar dai os.Pct of hands player calls preflop when in SB facing unopened pot.Pct of hands player folds on BB when facing an attempted steal.Gap The Mind - 3-Bet Concepts. obv we need to balance our range vs unknown frequencies. if we would know his 4bet range,. [Holdem Manager 2].

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Pct of hands player bets the turn after checking flop CB opportunity when last to act on flop.

Pct of hands player bets OOP on flop into player who took last aggressive action preflop.Holdem Manager 1 a 2, Note Caddy. Moderátoři. je niekde v hm2 štatistikách pozrieť moju úspešnosť 3bet 4bet cbet a podobne? mám na mysli hodnoty v.Article on the use of the 4bet poker strategy range and 4bet % on Hold'Em Manager and PokerTracker. 4bet range vs. 4 bet? Which one to use? As you already know,.Pct of hands player bets on flop into preflop aggressor and reraises a raise.

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Pct of hands player calls on SB when facing an attempted steal.

. 5 Players Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager. - 4bet range - 1,4 ( 16). 2. Set him on a range 3. If.. da seu range de 3B para o seu range de open raise de MP2. e que vai foldar muitas vezes para 4bet. Holdem Manager 2.

Strategy 50nl 6max stats leak buster. Holdem manager 2 and it costs $60 to $99 depending on what. I am defending 3bets 38.6% and my 4bet range is 4.08%.Pct of hands player bets the Turn as PFR after CBetting the Flop as PFR.


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4Bet Range: Total PFR multiplied by Total 4bet %. Stats 101 - Introduction to Holdem Manager Stats; Select Report by Name (Reports) Select Report by Name.Pct of hands player calls after limping in from SB and facing a raise when heads up with BB.Pct of hands player bets the Turn as PFR after CBetting the Flop as PFR and folds to a raise.Costruzione di range bilanciati d fold3bet, 4bet, 3bet,. costruzione range d raise alle cbet.), e 2 video su HOLDEM MANAGER (review, stats, hud.).